Sfara Debuts All-Speed Crash Detection, Including Zero Motion

Sfara Debuts All-Speed Crash Detection, Including Zero Motion

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Sfara (Hoboken, N.J.), a provider of mobile-based crash detection, FNOL and safety technologies, has introduced all-speed crash detection, from zero motion to high speeds, capturing 70 percent of crashes that other solutions miss, according to a statement from the company. The company offers a smartphone based crash detection app, which covers users through the full range of driving conditions, including under 25mph and when a vehicle is not moving. Other solutions either miss or don’t report these incidents because they are unable to reliably perform, the vendor statement asserts. [&&&&&&&&&&&&&&]

Nino Tarantino, GM, Insurance, Sfara.

Sfara explains its offering by saying that conventional thinking misses that collisions that occur below 25mph are important in terms of the injuries and property damage that occur. They note that the significance of such crashes is starkly represented in government and industry statistics.

The vendor notes that the following occurs under 25mph (injury and damage facts)

70% of crashes

48% of crashes with injury

22% of crashes with fatalities

20% of crashes occur in parking lots

Non-moving vehicle (injury and damage facts)

27% of crashes with injury occur when a vehicle is not moving

11% of crashes with fatalities occur when a vehicle is not moving

Sfara cites that 700,000 crashes occur at stop signs annually, with over 1300 of these resulting in a death In addition to the above, the vendor says that most people are surprised to learn that airbags deploy in only 30 percent of reported crashes.

The Imperative of Detecting Low/No-Speed Collisions

Rocco Tricarico, CMO, Sfara.

“There’s simply no way to justify missing 70 percent of detectable collisions that represent nearly half of all injuries and fatalities,” comments Rocco Tricarico, CMO, Sfara. “Through this announcement, Sfara is continuing its mission of educating the industry to the human cost associated with selecting inferior crash detection technologies.”

Sfara characterizes its announcement as welcome news for several industries striving to deploy enterprise programs that rely on cost-effective crash detection services.

“Numerous analysts agree that the insurance industry has the potential for a 5-point margin gain with a program combining fraud detection, FNOL and claims acceleration, enabled by an offer of free emergency response to the consumer,” says Nino Tarantino, GM of Insurance, Sfara. “With this breakthrough, we can deliver over three times more incident detections, greatly enhancing the business economics for insurance carriers.”

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