Metromile ‘Ride Along’ Lets Drivers See Benefits of Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

Metromile ‘Ride Along’ Lets Drivers See Benefits of Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

(Image source: Metromile Ride Along page.)

Metromile, the San Francisco-based pay-per-mile car insurance pioneer, has launched Ride Along, a program that lets drivers see the potential benefits of pay-per-mile insurance. The program invites consumers to download the Metromile app and estimate their insurance cost.

Metromile Ride Along results screenshot. (Click to enlarge.)

Metromile says that once drivers have downloaded the Metromile app and entered some basic information, the Ride Along begins with no obligation to purchase from Metromile. Drivers go about their routines and have their smartphone in the vehicle when they drive. After about two weeks, they can review how much they’ve driven and what that would mean for their monthly insurance costs. They can then switch and start their coverage with Metromile to lock in their rates and any savings within a period of minutes.

“The majority of Americans drive 10,000 miles or fewer every year and could save with pay-per-mile car insurance, but they do not realize it; as a result, drivers overpay for car insurance by hundreds of dollars a year,” comments Dan Preston, CEO, Metromile. “Ride Along helps drivers learn more about their driving and discover whether pay-per-mile is right for them. We want to empower drivers with control over what they want to pay for car insurance, especially as it is one of the largest expenses for many households.”

Depending on the state of residence, drivers can also save up to an additional 40 percent on their initial Metromile quote after their Ride Along for demonstrating safe driving habits, a Metromile statement says. Rates for Metromile’s pay-per-mile car insurance start at $29 per month and a few cents for each mile driven.

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