Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company Deploys the Finys Suite

Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company Deploys the Finys Suite

(Image source: Pixabay.)

Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company (Orrville, Ohio) has deployed the Finys Suite a platform of integrated modules for processing personal and commercial property/casualty insurance. The insurer went into production with its Farmowners line of business on the Suite in January 2020 and released the Fire lines on the Suite in early August. The carrier’s selection of the Finys Suite was announced in Aug. 2018.

Chris Blough, CEO of Mennonite Mutual.

“The Finys Suite had everything we were looking for,” comments Chris Blough, President & CEO of Mennonite Mutual. “The Finys team was solidly supportive during the implementation and addressed all of our issues in real time as a partner in the process. The feedback from policyholders and agents has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to completing the development of all our lines of business on the Finys Suite by the end of 2021.”

Mennonite Mutual selected Finys because it constituted the shortest route to the processing power and scalability it was looking for, the self-service capabilities it wanted for all its constituents, and the operational efficiencies it needed to remain competitive as it grew, according to a Finys (Troy, Mich.) statement. As part of the implementation, Finys enabled Mennonite to build its own rates.

Power and Efficiency

“We’re grateful to Chris Blough and his team for allowing us to demonstrate the power and efficiency of our Suite,” comments Kurt Diederich, co-founder, President, and CEO of Finys. “They knew they had to make a change. They made the right decision at the right time. They worked with us to develop an incremental plan to rolling out their lines of business. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together.”

Mennonite Mutual Modernizes Core with Finys