LiveWell by Zurich Partners with Polar Electro

LiveWell by Zurich Partners with Polar Electro

(Image source: Zurich.)

LiveWell by Zurich, Zurich Insurance Group’s (Zurich) health and wellbeing business, has announced a collaboration with Polar Electro (Kempele, Finland), a provider of wearable sports and heart rate and health technology, aimed enabling customers of both companies to gain access to services that will help them reach their wellbeing goals. The collaboration will initially start with six countries—Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the UK & Ireland—and will expand to other countries in due course where Polar and LiveWell are present, according to a Zurich statement.

Stephanie Lloyd, CEO, LiveWell by Zurich.

LiveWell by Zurich was first established in 2021 with the stated mission of inspiring its users to take control of their own health. The company says its digital engagement platform is built around a holistic approach, factoring in four key pillars of physical, mental, social and financial health. Since its inception, LiveWell has launched its services in numerous markets. Polar is a well-known provider in the wearable-tech market, providing an array of products and services to help people achieve their fitness goals.

The benefits of the partnership include the following, as described by Zurich:

  • Existing Polar customers will have access to the LiveWell app and LiveWell’s educational content
  • Existing LiveWell customers will receive discounts on Polar products and will be able to redeem other benefits though a reward program; as well as gain access to Polar’s educational content
  • Users can set a health goal and download their Polar training data directly into the LiveWell app to have everything they need for their health and fitness journey in one place
  • Joint activities including group challenges have been designed to add a new fun element to users’ health and fitness journey increasing engagement and competition between users

    David Wiley, Managing Director, Polar UK.

“Living a healthy life should be easy, but then life gets in the way and knowing where to start can get tricky,” comments Stephanie Lloyd, CEO, LiveWell by Zurich. “Collaborating with Polar allows us to offer our combined services—the best of both worlds—to our customers. Through the combination of Polar products and the LiveWell app, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to follow their individual health and fitness journey.”

“Both companies aim to provide the best possible products and services to customers and help them achieve good physical health and wellbeing,” comments David Wiley, Managing Director, Polar UK. “This is an exciting collaboration that will give Polar and LiveWell customers the opportunity to more easily achieve and exceed their sports and wellness goals when using their Polar products in conjunction with the LiveWell app.”

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