Kansas City Police to Pay $325,000 to Teen After Violent Arrest

Kansas City Police to Pay $325,000 to Teen After Violent Arrest

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A Black Kansas City teenager will receive a $325,000 settlement after three white police officers hit him more than 10 times and used a stun gun on him, according to an excessive force lawsuit.

It is the third settlement this year against Kansas City police in cases involving Black teenagers, with a total payout of $1.3 million, The Kansas City Star reported.

The lawsuit alleged the 17-year-old was sitting in his car in a parking lot waiting for friends after homecoming at Hogan Preparatory Academy on Oct. 12, 2019.

Two officers approached the car and ordered him to get out. When the teen got out of the car, he was thrown to the ground, punched, knelt on by two officers and hit with a stun gun by a third, according to the lawsuit.

Video filed with the lawsuit includes the teenager calling for help and saying he was not resisting, The Star reported.

The teenager had not committed any traffic violations. He was arrested but never charged with a crime.

The Kansas City Police Department declined to comment on the settlement.

The police department has paid more than $10.8 million in excessive force and wrongful arrest claims since 2014.

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