F&G Selects Majesco Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation

F&G Selects Majesco Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation

(Image source: F&G homepage.)

F&G, a Des Moines, Iowa-based provider of annuities and life insurance, has selected Majesco’s (Morristown, N.J.) Majesco Distribution Management, Majesco Digital1st Insurance and Majesco CloudInsurer to enable their distribution operation and growth strategy for digital transformation.

Matt Christensen, SVP Insurance Operations, F&G.

“In today’s competitive landscape, our ability to rapidly onboard numerous independent brokers, new distribution partners and support acquisition of books of business is crucial to our digital transformation strategy,” comments Matt Christensen, SVP Insurance Operations, F&G.  “We are proud to partner with Majesco to accelerate our digital transformation strategy, better positioning F&G to capture opportunities and growth in a multi-channel world.”

F&G will implement Majesco Digital1st Insurance to provide a next-generation producer engagement experience for onboarding and self-service and Majesco Distribution Management for producer relationship management and compensation management all on Majesco CloudInsurer, according to a Majesco statement.

Next-Generation Capabilities

“We are thrilled to have F&G join our customer community and help them accelerate their digital transformation and growth strategy with our next generation distribution solutions,” says Eric Bustos, VP, Digital1st and Distribution Management at Majesco. “As the insurance market rapidly changes, the distribution landscape is where insurance providers can create and sustain a competitive edge and where our solutions provide the next-generation capabilities, today. We look forward to a long strategic partnership with F&G.”

Eric Bustos, VP, Distribution Management Practice, Majesco.

The vendor describes Majesco Distribution Management as offering a next-generation solution to manage the complexities of a changing distribution landscape using technology that keeps the insurance providers on the leading edge by reducing the time to implement a new distribution arrangement or consolidate the existing channel landscape onto a common platform. From managing multiple channels, to handling complex and high-volume changes, and personalizing payment schedules for channels, to accommodating integration with existing core insurance systems, Majesco Distribution Management enables agility, innovation and speed, the vendor statement says.

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