Building an Adaptable Tech Stack from Scratch

Building an Adaptable Tech Stack from Scratch

“We don’t have legacy systems” —Alyssa Arellano, Head of Technology Strategy, Equitable Employee Benefits

Alyssa Arellano became employee #22 at the employee benefits division in 2015. Now the organization is serving over 700,000 customers. Listen in to hear Equitable’s three indispensable initiatives to drive innovation across the employee benefits division.

Alyssa brings a mixture intelligent analysis and fresh creativity to this episode of Life Accelerated. It was bracing to hear her thoughtful takes on the customer journey, and her elaboration of Equitable’s key initiatives to foster innovation. By not having years and years of experience in the industry, Equitable’s Employee Benefits team has both the room and the disposition to experiment—and to find what works in today’s dynamic market. The team is setting an example of how to be innovative in a way that doesn’t rely on a company’s history or access to unending technology options. They are making it happen by thinking and acting strategically.

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