Aviva Canada Selects CoreLogic’s Digital Insurance Hub to Power Claims Business

Aviva Canada Selects CoreLogic’s Digital Insurance Hub to Power Claims Business

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Aviva Canada (Toronto) has adopted CoreLogic’s (Irvine, Calif.) digital insurance hub to enable the seamless unification of all parts of the claim supply chain on one cloud-native concurrent platform in support of an enhanced customer experience, according to a vendor statement.

Hazel Johnson, VP, Property Claims, Aviva Canada.

“Aviva is known for its superior claims experience, and we take pride in getting customers back to normal quickly after a claim event,” comments Hazel Johnson, VP, Property Claims, Aviva Canada. “By expanding our well-embedded global relationship with CoreLogic in Canada, we’ll be able to keep customers connected and involved throughout their claims activity from start to finish. Our people can quickly estimate damages virtually, resulting in faster settlements and higher customer satisfaction.”

By adopting CoreLogic’s technology, Aviva Canada joins Aviva United Kingdom in providing its clients with an end-to-end insurance solution across underwriting and claims management, enhancing customer’s claim and risk management experience, the vendor statement says.

“Our expanded relationship with Aviva is another milestone in providing leading global insurance companies with the most comprehensive and connected insurance workflow and management solutions available,” comments Frank Martell, president and CEO, CoreLogic. “Our solutions are focused on providing our clients with fast, effective, user-friendly and innovative policyholder experiences, as well as reducing costs and improving workflow efficiencies.”

Central Communication and Workflow Hub for Claims Management

CoreLogic characterizes the expanded relationship as providing Aviva Canada with a digital collaboration and workflow hub that bridges the communication and operational gaps between its supply chain partners and customers to manage claims faster. This central communication and workflow hub for claims management enables Aviva’s property claims customers, adjusters and vendors access to the same data, ensuring everyone involved can instantly access, add, modify and use the information they need, when they need it, according to the vendor. Whether the customer is uploading damage photos and documents, sharing video content, sending messages or simply receiving update notifications, they remain informed, connected and involved from start to finish, the vendor says.

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