Admiral Seguros Adopts Shift Technology for Fraud Detection and Prevention

Admiral Seguros Adopts Shift Technology for Fraud Detection and Prevention

(Image credit: Margit Wallner.)

Admiral Seguros (Seville), the Spanish operation of Admiral Group plc (Cardiff, Wales), has adopted Shift Technology’s (Paris) Shift Claims Fraud Detection. The insurer recognized Shift a leader in the application of AI to claim analysis in order to prevent and combat fraud and deployed the technology as part of its wider process automation and digital transformation strategy, according to a Shift statement.

“The launch of Shift Claims Fraud Detection at Admiral Seguros constitutes a step forward, bringing us closer to the future and reinforcing an area of vital importance and impact to our business,” comments Pedro García, Head of Antifraud, Admiral Seguros. “And because this technology makes Artificial Intelligence an integral part of the automation of processing and decision-making in claims, we can streamline our procedures, allowing us to make fraud prevention part of an improved experience for our customers.”

The adoption of Shift Claims Fraud Detection is yet another commitment by Admiral Seguros to the automation and digital transformation of processes that have a direct impact on the improvement of the customer experience, having positioned themselves recently as the first Spanish insurance firm to introduce Artificial Intelligence for the assessment of damage to vehicles.

Applying New Technology to Age-Old Challenges

Jérémy Jawish, CEO, Shift Technology.

“Innovative insurers are actively exploring ways of applying new technology to age-old challenges,” comments Jeremy Jawish, CEO and co-founder, Shift Technology. “It is common knowledge that claims fraud takes place, that it can be incredibly difficult to detect and that it has a negative impact on both insurers and the insured. With our technology, we are helping companies like Admiral Seguros to fight fraud more efficiently to the benefit of everyone involved in the process.”

Shift, which has established a presence in more than 25 countries, describes its offering as an automated, highly accurate SaaS solution that functions as a complex alarm system warning insurers of potential fraud and allows claims handlers and investigators to better understand the nature of suspicious claims. Shift Claims Fraud Detection presents information via an intuitive, user-friendly interface that provides all relevant claims information according to the vendor, allowing claims professionals to evaluate the potential for fraud more efficiently and effectively during the claims process.

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